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FLITE 4th Annual Art Show

We are officially one week out from the Art of Freedom Event!

Let me just say, this is a party you do not want to miss.

Make sure you buy your tickets now if you haven't already for the

Art of Freedom Event on Saturday, October 9, 6-10 pm.

We have an incredible collection of art for you to browse this year in our very spacious and historic venue right in the heart of downtown Dallas. Please come enjoy the art, the open bar, the plated bites, the live music, and the buzzing social temper this occasion presents. It's going to be a blast for sure, and best of all, your attendance and support directly benefits wonderful organizations that provide crucial services to those in need.

This will be an evening of such joy and deep meaning and I sincerely can't wait to share the experience with you all.

See you soon!

Adiana Vega

Flite to Freedom Entertainment Chair


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