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Photo credit Jin Kim Studio

From receiving her first set of watercolors from her aunt when she was four to being obsessed with drawing floor plans of homes in her youth, art has always been part of Liana’s life.  Liana’s love of drawing and design led her to study architecture at Texas A&M University.  There, her passion for art, architecture and life grew, especially, on a study abroad program to Italy, Santa Chiara, to be exact. 


Liana’s career in architecture and interior design have provided her with extensive experience in design, color and composition which she now applies to her art.  Through her husband’s encouragement, Liana discovered her love for watercolors and has been painting for the last 17 years.


Her love for the beach, architecture and nature is evident in her choices of subject matter.  Liana’s watercolors are consistently bright and cheerful with clean color.  She continues to grow as an artist by painting daily, trying new techniques, taking a variety of workshops and classes, participating in local art groups and reading about her favorite artists.


Liana shows and sells her artwork in galleries, competitions and online.  She accepts commissions; most popular are children’s portraits, home portraits and florals and sail themed paintings.  Additionally, over 50 of her paintings have been printed on greeting cards, which are sold successfully nationwide.


All images are created and owned by Liana Yarckin and may not be reproduced in any way without permission from Liana Yarckin.


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